James Smith -  Vocals and Guitar

Jason Cramer - Bass and Drums

new duel pic.jpg

     Duel Army (or Duel for short) was founded in Johnstown, PA in 2011. They are very consistent. Always writing, recording and performing at local venues, making them underground celebrities. A local bar named a drink after one of their songs (called "the Gummy Bear") about hallucinating and seeing gummy bears chasing them. People constantly compare them to Nirvana, they strive and thrive to bring entertaining performances. Some of their influences include Sonic Youth, The Doors, Johnny Cash, Nirvana, Korn, and many more.

     Duel consists of Jason Cramer and James Smith.

     While recording, Jason focuses mainly on percussion, bass and experimental special effects. While James focuses mainly on writing lyrics, guitar, and vocals. Live shows alternate between acoustic sets and grungy electric sets. James interacts with the crowd as they improvise song lists and play freely.

     In 2012 they recorded their first demo. Which caught the attention of a legendary producer in Seattle, WA. A month later Duel traveled across the country by train and recorded their first EP called "Drug Lust". Since then, they began to sharpen their musical and recording talents and released albums "Broken", "Jade", double album "Therapy/Soft Spoken", "Reup", and "Eternal Darkness". Now, into the year 2019, they are currently working on their 8th album called "Screwed".