Drug Lust  (2013)

     Drug Lust is our first album

recorded in Seattle, WA.

Amazing composition with rhythm and lyrical content that has been compared to Nirvana on many occasions.

         Broken (2014)

     Broken is our second

album recorded and produced by Duel, this album contains songs that been played on the radio and most of our live performances are from this album.   


              Jade (2015)

     Jade is our third album recorded and produced by Duel, grunge rock, mellow and our best seller.


   Therapy/Soft Spoken (2016)

     This is our forth and fifth album in one. Therapy is raw, heavy, grungy and rocking. Soft Spoken is all acoustic.

            ReUp (2017)

While focusing more on recording techniques, and sound effects, Duel presents their most melodic album to date.

(Special thanks to pharmaceutical  companies and dealers alike)


   Eternal Darkness (2017)

          Duel peaked deep within themselves and found nothing but a void of infinite sadness and darkness, they than utilized this "Eternal darkness" to bring an album with as much pain as they feel.

"In order to talk about pain...you must first numb it" JS

Coming Soon In 2020  "Screwed"